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Heavy duty Racking system is designed for able storage of medium to heavy load goods. It is a safe and adaptable storage system which is easy to modify as per as the changing business requirements. Heavy-duty Racking can store a wide variety of items and provide direct explosion to all stored items.


Heavy duty Racking is also commonly used in mixed storage configurations that combine Racking with pallet racking for advance the warehouse racking capacity and operating procedures. In mixed storage systems, the top levels are used for storing palletized stock and the bottom levels have shelves to house stock meant for the guide picking.

Heavy-duty Racking can store a wide variety of items and supply direct access to all stored items. These systems are based on the “person-to-product” principle and products are deposited and reclaimed manually from shelves. Using our expertise, we strive to provide the most suitable storage solution for ductile organizations.


Heavy Duty Rack due to their load-bearing capacity considered the best for commercial and industrial warehouse storage, where you need to store abundant materials. Today, they have become increasingly popular among manufacturing companies, warehousing sector, larger businesses and logistic industries. Installing it can add to the operation and fertility, where you need to store more items. Ensure smart storage of medium to heavy load items with our exactly designed Heavy Duty Racks.


Heavy-Duty Racks are rack systems that are designed to hold medium- to large-sized items like pallets and machines. Their .robustness and durability make them perfect for storing a variety of goods and products in commercial and industrial warehouses. Heavy-Duty Racks are adjustable, versatile, and long-lasting, and are commonly used in industrial warehouses, warehousing applications, and retail establishments, even under the most exacting loads.

The open design of Heavy-Duty racks enables inventory examination and item reclamation easier than ever! Heavy-Duty racks are becoming growingly popular among logistics and manufacturing industries, as well as mid-sized and large businesses that need superior facilities. Many benefits are associated with the Heavy Duty racking System, making it an ideal choice.

Maximise Space: A typical difficulty that many warehouses encounter is a lack of space. It makes financial sense for warehouse managers to maximise the utilisation of limited floor space by storing as many products as possible.

Businesses can employ unused vertical space instead of simply the initial floor plan area for additional storage by installing a heavy duty racking system. This means that warehouse capacity can be maximised in order to store as many products as possible, saving space and money.

Heavy Duty Racks Manufacturers in Chennai

The heavy racking system is intended for brilliant storage of medium to weighty burden products. It is a protected and versatile storage framework which is not difficult to change according to as the changing industry necessities. Heavy duty racking can store a wide assortment of things and give direct admittance to all put away things.

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Rack systems are regularly made of steel and boost office space while improving on stock following. Rack load radiates are regularly finished off with decking or cross help bars. The decking is by and large produced using welded wire and the cross help bars are commonly cool shaped steel or primary steel individuals.

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Pallet racking is just a storage system that stores pallets of material in columns on metal racks. The systems include various degrees of racking that are available by forklifts. These system are utilized to increment storage thickness by utilizing vertical space

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Intended to get pallet off the distribution center floor and into a racking framework, they give quick availability to store or dump beds. Utilizing particular pallet rack frameworks permits you to completely use your warehouse floor space as well as effectively oversee specialist time

Heavy Duty Racks Manufacturers in Chennai

A storage rack or racking is a construction that comprises of somewhere around two upstanding (vertical) outlines, level shafts, and some type of decking (bars, boards, cross sections or none) to store merchandise and materials.

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storage rack is a fundamental part to material taking care of as it permits you to augment the level space accessible in your extra room, without exposing your products to stack smashing due to stacking. In this aide, we assist you with understanding the different kinds of storage racks and distinguish which is the one you genuinely need for your extra room, according to an unbiased perspective.

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HEAVY DUTY WAREHOUSE RACK Warehouse racking frameworks comprise of a few distribution center racks, which are industrial racking units made of metal intended to store boxes or pallet in various degrees of level lines, stacked on top of one another.

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There are a few sorts of warehouse racking frameworks, which additionally are known as pallet racks or materials taking care of frameworks. Wooden, metal, or plastic beds, or slips, are joined with bigger racking frameworks contained racks at different levels. Decking bases are accessible in various widths to help objects put on the racks away. By and large warehouse racking is a few feet high and requires forklifts for the stacking system.

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HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL RACK Since the heavy duty industrial racks are straightforwardly implicit the storage framework, should a bed fall, it will not be harmed. This storage framework can be continued on a wheel which grants ideal utilization of room over a customary storage. Need an ideal mechanized compactor or storage racks for your association's requirements.

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It requires only one path to give admittance to all things in stock. It permits warehouse specialists and directors access items at the press of a button while making it more straightforward for them to oversee shipments without consuming a lot of significant investment.