The Multi-tier Racking designed for warehouses with limited floor areas but available height, are standard storage solutions that maximize warehouse space. They offer an model use of height with the creation of different levels of manual loading aisles at different heights available by stairs.


Multi-tier storage rack offer the paramount add-on floor and storage space that is much needed for storage houses. This is a complete system that has multiple shelves, racks and is equipped with stairs, floors, lifts, aisles, walkways, etc. More often than not, you will find that the high tired floors are mirror images of the ground level storage system and walkways are fitted to imitate the aisle between the racks.


An industrial multi-tier racking structure functions as a multi-level system that help hand loaded shelved levels. It is a solution that offers high-levels of space usage. A multi-tier pallet racking system is engineered to maximise picking operations. It is best capable to businesses with a high number


Space-saving and compact:

Multi-tier racking systems use vertical airspace, thereby extending to the ceiling. Due to this feature, you do not have to shift to a new place when you are developing the business. Extra floor space is attained and utilized for assembly, packing, and storage requirements.

Flexible and modular:

Multi-tier racking systems can take in any kind of non-palletized goods. It is suitable for handling different product lines in a single floor area. As it has multi-tier structures, it remains ductile in terms of accessories, options, and the number of levels that can be incorporated.

Cost-efficient and operationally effective:

The cost of installing the multi-tier storage system is cheap and also less when compared to the automated storage facility. It is simple to pick products with the same order always on several tiers. Most people think that the large steel structure is expensive.

Central warehousing:

Several companies opt for a multi-tier racking system to maintain their record in a single warehouse. It is challenging to control several facilities in various locations.

Quick installation:

Multi-tier racking systems can be position more quickly than the traditional multi-tier storage unit.

Safe and secure warehouse:

If the products topple down from above, there are prospect of accidents and the warehouse remains dangerous for the employees to function. A multi-tier racking system reduces such risks and makes the warehouse a safe place. It also does not let employees engage in grave storage practices.


• Multi tier shelving plays a deciding role in maximisation of the use of available space
• This storage system can be arrange in a way as desired by the users hence flexibility is readily amend
• Multi tier shelving helps in reducing the risk and makes the warehouse a safer place to work
• Floor space utilisation in this type of shelving system is very high
• The overall storage volume is increased by as balance to the usual floor seated racking system
• Multi tier shelving makes perfectly use of surface, height, as well as storage volume

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