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Two Tier Racks are identified as heavy duty racks and subsequently are utilized in assorted businesses for capacity of bigger amount of products. They are used for mass accumulating and picking of more modest units or sections, for instance, non-palletized items, compartments, canisters, etc. The limit system is much continuously successful as phenomenal floor space is used in this. These are organized using best grade rough materials and according to industry standards.

A two tier rack is an extraordinary space saving, easy to use cycle leaving framework which is unimaginably famous in high thickness regions, for example, train stations, malls, schools, vehicle parks, air terminals and workplaces. Discretionary marking is likewise accessible, making them ideal for advancing a business or association. This simple to utilize, hearty plan is accessible in twofold or single sided variants and furthermore with a gas helped system for ease.


The two tier racks are bound with durability, quality and strength. They can be utilized for business racking purposes and for putting away unique material like food, books, and other utility things. Fabricated utilizing the quality natural substance, these business racks are known for their toughness and are acclaimed by every one of the customers. This framework can be intended to meet your evolving needs. The two-level rack is the best option for organizations stockpiling and appropriating little and medium measured parts orders. Its plan adaptability implies conservative, proficient capacity, effectively open burdens and the briefest conceivable picking routes.


Compact and space saving - These frameworks use vertical airspace, in this way reaching out to the roof. Additional floor space is acquired and used for gathering, pressing and capacity prerequisites. It additionally allows for greatest floor space usage, which implies most divides of the space will be involved.

Modular and flexible – It can accommodate any sort of non-palletized merchandise. It is reasonable for taking care of various product offerings in a solitary floor region. It stays adaptable as far as adornments, choices, and the quantity of levels that can be joined.

Functionally powerful and cost-effective - The expense of introducing two tier rack system is reasonable and furthermore less when contrasted with the computerized storeroom. Its adaptability will help you to spend negligibly on outside and inside logistics.

Customized design - It is feasible to redo the model of the capacity framework. The storage prerequisites of each and every organization are exceptional and it doesn't coordinate with the standard racking framework's plan.

High-density storage - By using two tier racks, high-thickness stockpiling is effectively conceivable. An expansion in the quantity of access or floor levels all through the framework is cultivated, consequently allowing admittance to the whole racking levels ergonomically.


The two tier rack system is adaptable and it is easy to introduce without any preparation rapidly. On the off chance that you wish to improve the presentation and capacity of the organization's distribution center, it is prescribed to add a Two Tier racking system.

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